Hi all,

I have a vague idea how this needs to be done, but wanted to clarify on here first, as this is a production environment, and my smoothwall knowledge is fairly limited.

I'l simply our setup for the purpose of this post. We have three networks. On the main site side, we have our our primary network on We have a seperate network on the same site ( - joined by Router 'B')). Our gateway on the 192 network is a smoothwall advanced firewall. A static route has been set on the smoothwall advanced firewall (to router B) so that the 192.168 network can talk to the 10.10.2 network.

Our third network ( is connected via VPN as it's offsite. On our side, the VPN is set up on the smoothwall advanced firewall. On the other side, it's set up on a smoothwall express 2.0.

The network needs to be able to talk to the network. I guess the easiest way is to do this a static route on the smoothwall express to Router B, and vice versa.

We know how to do this on Router B, but not positive on how to do this on the smoothwall express 2.0 (it's not built into the web interface like on the advanced firewall). I would have a play with it to see if I can get it to work, but being on a production environment, I'd rather get clarification first on how to do this, or a better solution?

Thanks in advance.