Well in our LA its all very hunky dory!!

99% of schools have a 10mb BT Fibre back to one of our Node Sites and then from then 100mb fibre back to the core, here at County Hall.

From here alot of web request are dealt with by our Cache Servers, if not they are fed out our 70mb Internet Pipe. That is if they don't go up our regional link to West Brom somewhere!!

The small amount of schools that were going to cost silly money for a SHUK have gone on to our ADSL VPN Solution which goes out to the Internet and then hits our VPN server and into the Network. Every school has its own Filtering/Caching/Mailing box.

We have only had half a day of unplanned downtime, that was due to a Power Cut. However we are just in the process (about 2 weeks from being finished) or having a 500 Mw Generator installed to keep us running!!

Feel free to contact me with any queries!