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    Building to building wireless for home.

    A friend of mine has a lock up garage over the road from his house, slightly staggered - probably about 50 metres distance from the house to the lockup. There's a clear line of sight from the house to the lockup. He recently asked me about the possibility of getting a broadband link over there, but we can't run cables unfortunitely as there's a road in the way, and the power to the place is on a entirely seperate supply so those plug in things won't work either.

    What I'd like to do for him is setup a good reliable wireless link - the current wireless router in his house can be picked up just, but does not connect properly - we've tried re-positioning it in the house but the signal is just not strong enough with the other wireless traffic in the area.

    Does anyone know of a way of achieving a reliable wireless link between the two buildings on a budget. He hasn't got a lot to spend, total cost under £100 if possible. I was looking at the cheap gear that seems to be available from a company called TP-Link - you can get an external antenna for about £12 and a wireless AP/bridge for about £20, so the whole lot would only cost £60-£70. Anyone tried this cheap gear before, is it any good?

    Any advice appreciated.


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    A couple of cantennas (see Cantenna - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia ) and a couple of cheap APs acting in bridge mode would do it.

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    Aye, break out the pringles / baby food canisters or get a couple of cheap Yagis (same thing). Don't point them straight at each other, you want to be aiming slightly off to the side.

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