I am in the process of upgrading some switched in school and caused a bit of a mess up today.

I have a Netgear GSM7224 with a fibre module in it as the backbone.

I have a older fibre switch which takes fibre from another part of the school and feeds it down another fibre pipe to the main cabinet... so they are seperate.

I just purchased a GSM7248 and a fibre module and another GSM7224 with the module to replace the other backbone and get rid of the fibre switch.

As soon as I plugged the into the network the whole system crashed.

Sorry its hard to explain without getting the crayons out..

The fibre was coming into the 7248 which links across to the 7224 and then down the backbone.

The lights came on the links but its messed up.

I am tempted to purchase another fibre module and just make it to the link comes into the switch and goes down a secondary pipe.... so it doesn't go anywhere near the 7224 and allows.