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Wireless Networks Thread, HP VLAN ACL Examples Needed please in Technical; I am looking to do some major work on our infrastructure over the holidays. The network has grown to a ...
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    HP VLAN ACL Examples Needed please

    I am looking to do some major work on our infrastructure over the holidays. The network has grown to a size where it is starting to get a little to "chatty" to be one flat network so I want to split it up for this reason and for other security reasons as well. A HP 5406zl will do our routing so I am looking for the examples of an ACL for the following scenario. Most other switches are 2650s.

    Vlan1 - Default -
    Vlan2 - Building 1 -
    Vlan3 - Building 2 -
    Vlan4 - Servers -
    Vlan5 - Management -

    I want Building 1 and 2 to be able to route to the servers and vice versa. I don't want building 1 and 2 to route to each other. I have other requirements but I think if I see these examples I can work from there.

    Do I need to worry about dhcp etc? Do I need to set up a relay of some sort?
    Also how would we need to configure it so we can use wake on lan from AB Tutor to turn on all the PCs in Building 1 and 2. Is there going to be a problem with this particular method?

    I am currently reading through ftp://ftp.hp.com/pub/networking/soft...6-59913827.pdf but I really need to see some decent working examples so I can get my head around it.

    Thanks in advance

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    Me too!

    I could do with something too, or some guidance on VLAN ACLs for HP switches.

    Basically we have a HP 5406zl as our core switch and are running three VLANs on it. These are wan, admin and curriculum and WAN.

    The wan VLAN is there to provide access to the internet (EMBC through cisco router).

    We don't want the admin and curriculum VLANs to be able to talk to each other. We need an ACL to either be applied to the admin VLAN or curriculum VLAN.

    I am unsure whether the access-group ACL should be applied to the admin or curriculum VLAN (or maybe both??) and whether it should be applied as an 'in', 'out' or 'vlan'.

    For instance would an ACL such as this be applied to the admin VLAN as ip access-group "ACL1" in?

    ip access-list extended "ACL1"
    10 deny ip
    20 deny ip
    30 deny ip
    40 deny ip
    50 permit ip

    Also what is the best way for it to be applied so that is doesn't apply such a load on the core switch. I remember reading something about applying ACLs as 'out' adds a load to the switch CPU as all the packets have to be assessed??

    Thanks in advance!!

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