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    Best place to make the broadband connection to the network

    One of my schools is upgrading from 2Mb to 10Mb broadband and I would like advice on where the new connection should go in relation to the network as there has been substantial changes since the last broadband install.

    The network consists of 3 cabs, A, B and C. Servers connect to the 1Gb core switch in cab A which also houses 3 1Gb switches. Cab B has 3 1Gb switches each connecting to core switch with 1Gb copper. Cab C has a single 100Mb switch connecting to cab B over copper. There are plans to fit an extra switch in cab C later in the year.

    BT will be installing the fibre and the easiest cab to get to from the road is cab C but Iím concerned that this wonít be the best place to make the connection.

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    It should be located in the Main Distribution Facility (MDF) - the cabinet that holds the backbone switches, - ie Cab A

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    If your outbound line is only 10Mb/s, a 100Mb/s copper to it doesn't make any difference at all...

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