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Wireless Networks Thread, Help with GVRP - 1st time set up in Technical; ISSUE RESOLVED: Thanks for looking. I am wanting to start using GVRP in our network, and have fallen at the ...
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    Help with GVRP - 1st time set up

    ISSUE RESOLVED: Thanks for looking.
    I am wanting to start using GVRP in our network, and have fallen at the first hurdle.

    [All kit is HP with latest Firmware. port 23 on Switch-1 is connected to port 26 on Switch-2]

    On Switch-1 I have turned GVRP on & Created VLANs 70 & 128.
    On port 23 I have Untagged VLAN 1 -- Tagged VLAN 70 -- Tagged VLAN 128.

    On Switch-2 I have turned GVRP on & untagged port 26 On VLAN 1
    On port 26 I have used the command #unknow-vlans learn

    After a #sh vlans there is still only vlan1 in the list, no 70 or 128...

    Am I correct in thinking that port 26 on Switch-2 should receive frames tagged with VIDs for 128 & 70, and therefore add them to its VLAN database as I have issued the learn command? or am I missing something.

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    Hi Robot,

    I'm interest to know if you got GVRP setup correctly? We are testing it on 3 HP Procurve switches at the moment... Enabled GVRP on all 3 switches, the "top master switch" we added 3 extra VLANs and sure enough if you type sh VLANs on the other two switches the VLANs appear on the CLI. However if you type "menu" into either of the switches and go to option 2 > "switch configuration" then option 8 > "VLAN menu" then option 2 > "VLAN names" the vlans don't show up. Therefore if you pick option 3 > "VLAN port assigenment" to setup which ports you want on which VLAN the other VLANs don't show up... Alternatively if you are on the CLI and type "config t" > "VLAN #" to add ports to a VLAN you get the error "Dynamic VLANs cannot be configured manually"

    How are you suppose to add ports to the correct VLAN if VALNs can't be edited that are added via GVRP? Or am I missing something here?

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