This is my first post so I hope it’s useful to everyone

First of all procurve switches as very simple to setup and manage. If you set it up correctly you won’t have to touch it for years.
The key is planning it all first

Everything can be done from the command line with very simple commands I wouldn’t even bother paying/using procurve manager. There is probably less than 10minutes config per switch for the setup you want.

As other people have said above I would make sure all the switches are running the latest firmware (dont forget they have dual roms so update both) and i would factory reset the switches to default configs, there is nothing worse than trouble shooting someone elses half configured switch.

For your setup I would create 5 basic vlans to get you started you can add extra ones if you like maybe for future use, it won’t do any harm.

I would then use your 5400zl to route between the vlans and use the acls to restrict access to each one

Keep the vlan number simple and try and match the ip address range to the vlan number, helps quickly identify what vlan you’re on e.g.

Basic vlans

• Vlan 10 – CCTV – ip address range
• Vlan 20 – Data – ip address range
• Vlan 30 - Phones – ip address range10.30.0.0/16
• Vlan 40 – Servers – ip address range
• Vlan 50 - Switch management – ip address range

Optional vlans

• Wireless
• Guess Wireless
• Guess Wired
• Printers
• Separate staff and student vlan if you so desire.

if you would like anymore advice please just ask