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Wireless Networks Thread, Monitoring boarders access in Technical; Hi, I currently have VNC on all machines so that our staff can monitor the kiddies when they use the ...
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    Monitoring boarders access


    I currently have VNC on all machines so that our staff can monitor the kiddies when they use the computers in school. I have been asked about extending this to include the pupils who are boarders who I allow to access the network via wireless and network points in their bedrooms.

    I've responded by saying its unworkable as most of them are administrators on their own machines and we wouldn't know if they turned the VNC off or are just not on the network. Bear in mind that its teachers who do the monitoring on an evening with no techical knowledge.

    Anyone suggest a solution that would allow this without installing anything on the client? Long shot I know.

    I did intend to move all their access away from the school network and get a nice router in the summer as I know its not the safest way to have a network set up.

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    Re: Monitoring boarders access

    Only if they accessed the internet through some kind of thin client solution but for the sake of monitoring the setup would be to awkward/expensive.

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    Re: Monitoring boarders access

    could force them to sign into a proxy and monitoring internet usage that way but I think Chris's solution sounds more workable - block all internet access unless its through one terminal server with the browser as a published application. - Like you say, it's much more difficult to monitor the admins - even a rootkit could get you into all sorts of trouble

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