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Wireless Networks Thread, Ruckus problems with WPAD and PAC files in Technical; Hi all I'm wondering if anyone is having similar issue as I am with their Ruckus kit especially when using ...
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    Ruckus problems with WPAD and PAC files

    Hi all I'm wondering if anyone is having similar issue as I am with their Ruckus kit especially when using the guest vlan and wpad/pac files.

    We're using 7942 APs on build 21 of the sortware, on the internal VLAN where the proxy info etc are set by DHCP and DNS all works fine the issues are with student and staff kit in the public VLAN. The guest vlan is set to WPA/AES encryption it is also set to display the AUP then redirect to the required website once the user has accepted it. Windows picks up the proxy information from DHCP 'BUT' it doesn't apply until the browser has been restarted. This means that the user opens their browser types in the URL acccepts the AUP but then it just sits there until they close and reopen the browser, this is a bit of a pain.

    The next issue is OSX which won't take proxy info from DHCP and we don't have a DNS server in this VLAN as we use the ISP's which we don't control. To get around this I've hosted a .pac file on the smoothwall that they can set manualy. This works ok but they then seem to have the same issue with having to open and close the browser, this presents an issue with rubbish like the i-phone etc where closing and reopening the browser doesn't actually close and reopen the browser it just seems to minimise the app you actually have to select something to close the browser. I don't have one to check at the moment but I've been told this by a few members ot staff and students. This process is confusing allot of users and I causing me a headache.

    Does anyone else have these problems?


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    Did you get any further with this? I am at an earlier stage than you in so much as I don't even know how to push the proxy to the guest client. Could you let me know how you set that up?


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    And this works if the same client were to connect to a WLAN that is of standard usage and not guest usage?

    V9.2 Is able to allow unauthenticated users, i.e on guest networks, to get the proxy pac file prior to any authentication.
    Due for release Q2 2011

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