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    HP Gbics in 3Com switches


    We have recently moved a 3Com 2426 Pwr plus switch out of one cabinet and swapped in a HP Procurve PoE switch, as the 3Com switch is not able to support as many WAPs as the HP.
    I could put the 3Com in the cabinet where the HP switch came from, but we only have fibre links to that cabinet. I have the J4858C Gbic from the Procurve switch (which has gone into an area with ethernet uplinks), and I was wondering if this can be used with the 3Com switch? It does appear to fit but I'm worried about trying it with the switch turned on incase it damages a Gbic which costs over £100 and will come in handy at some point in the future.

    Has anyone tried a HP GBic in a 3Com switch or know if it will damage either the Gbic or switch?



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    read this topic:

    IT Resource Center forums - q-in-q / HP SPF modules

    it will not work
    we are in the same boat as you... 3com switches..perhaps moving to HP or cisco


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