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Wireless Networks Thread, Vlan Help in Technical; Hi guys, Looking for some advice on VLAN'ing our network. Will give a brief rundown of what I want to ...
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    Vlan Help

    Hi guys,

    Looking for some advice on VLAN'ing our network. Will give a brief rundown of what I want to achieve and see if it's possible!!

    First at our core where servers are is a Procurve 5406zl. All edge switches are connected backinto this either via cat5 or fibre.

    I'm wanting to create seperate vlans for our servers, printers, wireless devices, and clients in different buildings. We have 4 seperate buildings that would require a vlan. I would also like a management vlan for the switches and network projectors.

    Can I just set the vlans on the 5406zl and have it route to relevant area or is there a big chunk i've missed out? (Probably is!!) Can anyone shed some light on their vlan setup, and how they achieved it. I've printed out the Static Lans and GVRP docs from a previous thread from HP and tried to set up a vlan on a 2610-48 thats spare to no avail!! I created the vlans, added the ports, tagged for relevant vlan and it wouldn't allow comms through it!!

    Any help appreciated. Am currently drawing up a network diagram to show where everything is. Broadcast traffic is killing our network throughput, have about 8-900 devices on the network, these are pc's print servers, laptops, netbooks, phones, access points. Trying to allievate some of this to help declutter it!!



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    Cant help with specific HP Procurve vlan config as I use Cisco switches, but have vlan'd our network so will let you how I have done it as Im sure the HP kit supports the same features.

    I created the vlans on the core switch by first making it a vtp server (vlan trunking protocol) and made all edge switches on the network vtp clients so they automatically learn of vlans from the core. Created a switched virtual interfaces (SVIs) with appropriate ip address for each vlan / subnet created on the core and enabled ip routing on that switch also. Tip - On Cisco kit you must use the "ip helper-address x.x.x.x" command for each vlan interface to point to your dhcp server- Im sure HP will have something similar.

    Next step was to ensure the servers and infrasturcture devices had appropriate gateway for the new subnets how to reach them; you might get away with just a default gateway on your network but I modified the server route tables manually due to the layout (in command prompt - route add -p x.x.x.x mask x.x.x.x x.x.x.x) so all subnets were reachable. Create new DHCP scopes on your DHCP server for each subnet / vlan with appropriate scope options with default gateway set to the SVI for that vlan.

    Finally, change the vlan config of the access ports on the edge switches for whatever vlan you want them to be in. We have vlans for each IT room, admin, printers, standard wireless users, guest wireless, servers, access points, switches etc.

    Hope thats useful?
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    With HP Procurve - Vlans should be untagged for that port if you want traffic to go through to a station, printer or server - tagged is to allow traffic between switches - devices other than switches can't decode tagged traffic.
    I have got it all setup here with 5412 core switch - you can subnet your network and then have a gateway address for each subnet assigned as the ip address for each vlan on your core switch - these can then be used as the default gateway in different scopes on DHCP to assign ranges to different sets of machines.
    Hope that makes some sense.
    I searched various threads on here and used in conjunction with hP manuals.

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