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Wireless Networks Thread, Recommended fibre cables? in Technical; We have just add fitted at one school a new 8 core fibre. I think they said it was %0um ...
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    Recommended fibre cables?

    We have just add fitted at one school a new 8 core fibre. I think they said it was %0um ( i have no idea on fibre) There seems to be a a bit of trouble with the termination of the cables. When they tested them today you could hardly see any light coming down any of them but if you shine one of those red laser pens down it it is very bright. I left them late this afternoon testing them again.

    Does anyone know if 50um is a good future proof cable, what should i need to know for when i next go back if there are complaints?

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    Re: Recommended fibre cables?

    I think that they should be using more than a laser pen to test the cables' integrity!!!

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    Re: Recommended fibre cables?

    50 MicroMeter is good, but I agree 100% with Ric, they should be testing for Decibel Loss. They sound like part-timers.
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