Hi there,

I'm trying to install a managed Wireless LAN using a HP Wireless Edge services module.

I've VLAN'd all the switches, APs all adopted and created security profiles that work using a WPA key and also using the web authentication with the inbuilt RADIUS server to authenticate.

But what I'd really like to do is authenticate the users via Active Directory on our Server 2008 DC.

Going through the manual this definitely looks possible and I've configured all the LDAP server details (pointing to the DC) but I keep getting incorrect password error when when trying to log on. I've made sure the user i'm testing with is a member of a group that exists on the local RADIUS server and in AD.

What I'm not sure about is whether the wireless module can natively bind to AD or whether you need something inbetween due to the encryption? Looking at HP's documentation it appears as if the encryption needs to be either ttls and Pap or peap and Gtc.

Any help/suggestions greatly appreciated.