I've a bit of a strange situation going on her with some of our equipment.

We have a Motorola point to point wireless link between two of our sites. On the main site, it passes through 3 switches to get to the dish. We tried today to physically move the device onto a switch in our core cabinet, and were conseqeuently unale to access it.

The background on our network is:-
* It is all on one vlan, based round a mix of managed and unmanaged switches.
* The device is on a static IP
* We moved it succesfully from one switch to another in its original location.
* the problem occurred when we moved it back a couple of hops into our core cabinet
* We tried it both on a Cisco and an unmanaged switch in our core cab.
* Even a laptop with a static IP, plugged into the same Cisco switch failed to see it
* We have manually set speed and duplex in both the original location and new location
* I'm now half bald from tearing my hair out

Any feedback would be brill.