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Wireless Networks Thread, Cataloging your network cabinets in Technical; Hello, all.. I've had a search through the forum and haven't noticed anyone talking about this specifically, but I could ...
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    Cataloging your network cabinets

    Hello, all..

    I've had a search through the forum and haven't noticed anyone talking about this specifically, but I could be wrong (it's one of THOSE days already!!)..

    I'm hoping (desperately) to try to catalogue the network cabinets and hardware in our school.

    I currently have the following information:

    1. Excel sheet of all network points across the school, listing each point and which room it's in
    2. Excel sheet of all PCs/printers (inc model/serial) by network name, listing which patch point they're connected to
    3. Excel sheet of all cabinets, listing Cisco switches and which patch point plugs into which switch port
    4. Excel sheet of Cisco switches listing which port is configured for which VLAN

    Is there some clever way I can get all of this information into one easy to lookup form?

    I'm thinking of things like:

    Look up PC123 and see that it's an HP DC7600 serial number 12345 which connected to wall point A/1/12 which is connected to Cisco switch port 11 which is on VLAN 10.

    Kind of idea

    I don't much care if it's in Excel or not - that was just the original format I typed the data into.

    Is there some kind of application out there which might do this for me? (before I start dabbling in code myself - never pretty!)


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    It should be fairly straightforward in any relational database - I'm just doing something similar in Access where I use a subset of my config database with a room form which shows all the resources in a given room (computers, printer, projector etc). It shouldn't be difficult to convert your excel sheets into database tables and then create the queries and forms you need. If you're not familiar with Access you might find this a good starting point http://office.microsoft.com/en-gb/te...184591033.aspx (of course you don't have to use Access it depends what database software you have available or how good you are with SQL)

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