Does anyone have any information on how Ruckus security works? I'd basically like to read up on how it separates traffic between VLANs and WLANs.

Currently I have a public and private VLAN setup, devices on the public VLAN and private VLAN receive IP addresses in a different range but the core switch will allow routing between the two subnets. I have a Zonedirector and a few Ruckus AP's and have a couple of WLANs set up, the AP's share the same physical cabling to the rest of the network and I've used rules on the Zonedirector and client isolation to seperate traffic. I'm wondering exactly how it separates the traffic does the Zonedirector tell each AP what IP's are available to devices and then it refuses to allow clients to forward traffic to that range of IP's. At the moment the only IP that clients in the public WLAN can see is the smoothwall (proxy not firewall) and the core switch will forward DHCP requests across to the other subnet.

I'm basically wondering how robust this method of traffic separation is does it just use VLANs to separate or do the zonedirector and APs act more like a firewall by banning certain routes IPs and ports?

Thanks for any info.