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Wireless Networks Thread, Forest Root concerns in Technical; Our aging CC3 forest root (Windows 2000 Server) is starting to be a concern. The Print Spool service has to ...
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    Forest Root concerns

    Our aging CC3 forest root (Windows 2000 Server) is starting to be a concern. The Print Spool service has to be regularly restarted to keep printing going and all IIS 5 websites seem to stop randomly (all together). There must be a route cause to this. Any ideas? :?

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    Re: Forest Root concerns

    Have you checked the event log as to why this is happening?. Do you only have one aging CC3 W2k server?. We have two W2k CC3 servers and load balance the printing between the two.
    Also we have upgraded the memory to 2Gig on each. They support approx 250-300 workstations and occasionally the print services shutdown when they are overloaded from 30 large laserjet printers with everybody mass printing. We don't think this is too much of a problem once in a blue moon.

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