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Wireless Networks Thread, vlan setup in Technical; hi guys, i want to start using vlans to help with broadcast traffice on the network. I am thinking to ...
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    vlan setup

    hi guys,

    i want to start using vlans to help with broadcast traffice on the network.

    I am thinking to have all the servers on one vlan then one vlan perlocation within the school.

    am i right in thinking that at the core were the servers are they will need to be a memeber of the same vlans as the workstations in order for stuff to work right.

    does this mean then broadcast will still travel across to the other vlans?

    hope that make sense


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    We have VLans setup on our network [the work was carried out by a guy from county who asked what I was trying to achieve: He he worked on the VLans with that in mind]

    Our servers are in one VLan [Say - 255] while one of our network rooms in another VLan [Say - 255] Workstations and servers do not need to be in the same VLan for traffic to move across the network [not on our network anyway]

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    I beleve the vlans are joined together at Layer 3 with a router or routing switch. This means that the Layer 2 broadcast traffic is kept seperate.

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    I have got seven VLANS setup and control is primarily on the core switch using ACL's. if you have static IP's or IP resevations setup on staff systems it will make it a lot easier to manage while controling who has access to what. I will PM the configuration but contact me if you need anything else.
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