Good afternoon,

I'm trying to add a domain controller to a network that previously had 6 workgroup PC's which all connect to a L2 switch and there was a CISCO router with an RM Internet For Learning broadband connection. The router has NAT so it acts as a DHCP server, and was previously the centre of the network.

I now need to add a domain controller, and obviously this needs to be the default gateway for the workstations for everything to work properly in terms of the windows networking. A techie in another school suggested have 2 NIC's in the server, a DHCP server with a static IP on the internal NIC ( for the workstations to connect to, and an external NIC with DHCP client to conenct to the router. The theory was internet traffic should pass through though I was skeptical. Network map here: networkmap on Flickr - Photo Sharing!

With the current setup, the server gets internet and the workstations don't. If I bridge the 2 conenctions on the server and renew the DHCP lease on the workstations they get a lease from the router and make it the default gateway ( They get internet access but the network doesn't work very well (for obvious reasons.) It's probably not very secure either that way.

Is there a better way to set this up? The only other thing I can think of is to set up routing and remote access on the server somehow to route traffic from the internal NIC to the external NIC if it's outbound, not quite sure how to do this though.

Any help appreciated!