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Wireless Networks Thread, VLANs for my Wireless Network in Technical; i am looking to do the same here - not a clue on where to start! I have AP's around ...
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    VLANs for my Wireless Network

    i am looking to do the same here - not a clue on where to start!

    I have AP's around the school connected to different switchs. I want to create a VLAn for these AP's; where do i start?

    I have 1 procurve 2600
    2 procurve 2800's
    1 procurve 4200vl
    around 4 d-link switchs capable of VLANs

    Any pointers would be a great help

    Cheers in advanced

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    Problem solved, thanks to Stuart. Our VLAN's on the switches were ok. It seems that wireless isolation and VLANs don't work together very well.

    stariq, we use netgear switches with 3com core switches and have 2 VLANS (default 1 and wireless 2).

    A few pointers for VLANs are:

    Create a second VLAN on all switches
    Make sure that any ports connected to AP's, wireless controllers are set to tag on the second vlan
    Switches usually have an option to create trunk ports linking to other switches (or tag the ports linking switches)

    Have a look at these posts aswell

    It's also woth looking at the switch manufacturers website, they sometimes have examples of vlan setups.

    Hope this gives you an idea of where to start

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