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Wireless Networks Thread, VLAN's And DHCP in Technical; Hi everyone. Now i'm going to try and explain this as best I can and if I miss any info ...
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    VLAN's And DHCP

    Hi everyone. Now i'm going to try and explain this as best I can and if I miss any info out please do ask.

    I have a HP Managed switch in my school. Our current network is on the default VLAN out of the box. I now need to create a seperate VLAN and a few machines on a 192 network with its own DNS and DHCP server.

    I created a new VLAN and tagged the ports I wanted to use and put in the server but when I activated the DHCP server it started acting as the authoritive DHCP server for my default VLAN. This hands out 192 addresses to everthing which is VERY VERY BAD. If I use manual IP's the whole setup works fine but this won't be practical for the use of this setup

    I guess what im asking here is if anyone can point me in the right direction, Is there some sort of broadcast forward happening?

    The switch I am using to do this is a HP 4108GL with the latest firmware and I am using M0n0wall as the DHCP and DNS server.



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    Re: VLAN's And DHCP

    I dont think your VLANS are functioning properly. For Computer ports they should be untagged usually unless you have special VLAN software setup on them. You should only tag the links between switches in most cases.
    I have just finished configuring a new VLAN this morning and I use DHCP to test them and when they are in my second VLAN they do not receive an address.

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