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Wireless Networks Thread, Redirected Desktop goes walkabout in Technical; recently reconfigured 30 dell laptops (put them on a domain and setup gpo’s etc.), which all connect via a wireless ...
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    Redirected Desktop goes walkabout

    recently reconfigured 30 dell laptops (put them on a domain and setup gpo’s etc.), which all connect via a wireless connection.

    When a user logs on to the domain the sequence of events appears to be, log on – user name / password all okay, loads profile redirected desktop momentarily appears, drops wireless connection, redirected desktop disappears, re-establishes wireless connection, does not re load redirected desktop.

    I’m not using the dell wireless configuration, I’m letting windows handle the wireless connection.

    The only way to get the desktop back is to ‘refresh’ – which works every time!

    Although it doesn’t stop the laptops being used it’s just annoying!

    Can anyone suggest the likely cause – am I missing something?


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    Re: Redirected Desktop goes walkabout

    As far as I know that's a Windows thing, if you unplug the network cable on a desktop machine if the desktop's redirected it should do the same thing.

    I think having offline files on the desktop may fix it but I'm not 100% sure.

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