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Wireless Networks Thread, "blanket" install - drop down ceiling in Technical; Hi All! Long time no see/speak (im starting to get the IT Drowning feeling lol) now im here to try ...
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    "blanket" install - drop down ceiling

    Hi All!

    Long time no see/speak (im starting to get the IT Drowning feeling lol)

    now im here to try and bounce some advice/see past experiences in regards to a "blanket" wireless network, we are installing..

    its going into a warehouse, and is going to consist of 8 "light"(netgear) access points(APs) with a smart controller stuck in the middle of them all!

    all the AP's are POE(power over ethernet) so i don't have to worry about that, but iv run into an idea, while reading the spec sheets of one of the AP's...

    it mentioned about installing them above a drop down ceiling(suspended tile ceiling)... what works in my favor, because i won't have to put my DIY tool belt on to fit these AP's to the walls!

    has anyone ever delt with AP's in the drop down ceiling? or does anyone know of any problems that could be caused/run into when installing them up there?

    if you havn't cault on yet, im responsible for the installation(would of loved to contracted it out! but got to keep it low cost!)

    also, while im on the subject, does anyone know any trial(with few limitations) or free/opensource wireless servey software i am able to run to check for black spots,etc?

    many thanks!

    Tom Kirby.

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    Installing above the suspended ceiling hides them from view so it looks nice and tidy, but you still need to break out your tools - you wouldn't just sit them on top the ceiling tiles. Some APs have brackets that can fix them to the grid, otherwise you'd normally mount them to the actual hard ceiling above.

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