Good afternoon All, This is my first post edugeek! I've been looking for the proper environment to get my I.T. answers from for what seems like eternity. Hopefully I've made the right decision...

So my question(s) is.
I've just installed Adito VPN on my home router, and need help configuring to access remotely.
I am running Windows XP with a Linksys WRT54G Router.

I am trying to configure the tunnel information and don't exactly know what to enter.
Here is what I have so far that IS NOT working
Source Interface:
Source Port: 22
Destination Host:
Destination Port: 22

Also in the Linksys router setup I have setup port forwarding on...
Port 22 Start & End on IP Address

I know this is where my problem is. I can't seem to access the VPN from my laptop (which is hooked up to the same router) no matter what I type as the URL. As I understand it, I will need to setup a service such as DynDNS so I can connect from work. This is something I've been wanting to setup for eternity, but could never find the help. Thanks again for your time! I'm getting frustrated!!