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Wireless Networks Thread, Running 2 seperate network connections in Technical; Sorry if this is answered elsewhere, I have a dislike for searching the entire internet for a solution. It makes ...
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    Running 2 seperate network connections

    Sorry if this is answered elsewhere, I have a dislike for searching the entire internet for a solution. It makes my patience twitch.

    I connect to my LAN via a good old network cable on an onboard NIC to desktop, running Vista (oh how I wish I had a spare win7 license atm!)

    But I also use my Mobile broadband dongle from time to time.

    What I want to do is, keep one browser, either IE, or firefox on the LAN, able to get to the server etc, and preferably able to see the work's proxy.

    And have the other browser, and one or two apps able to connect to the Mobile broadband (namely, mIRC and/or Teamspeak).

    In theory, if I set IE to the work proxy, and firefox to auto, firefox ought to see the broadband connection, and IE see the works one, but in reality neither will work since Windows Vista is so epically fail, and the fact that windows keeps insisting on putting proxy settings on optional software instead of building it into an external option.

    Any ideas of a way this can be done? do not mind software solutions, or if changing OS will allow me to do it. Buying hardware or expensive software not really an option, unless it's really cheap...

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    I would just upgrade from Vista to W7 to make life easier, it seems to handle multiple proxies rather well.


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