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Wireless Networks Thread, DHCP Servers in Technical; Been a little thick here, so calling for your help. This is all part of what I am working on ...
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    DHCP Servers

    Been a little thick here, so calling for your help. This is all part of what I am working on at another site, just need to try and understand how it works.

    I have one DHCP Server and several scopes i.e., etc

    I have several VLAN's on the network. (Not 100% up on VLAN's this is where I may need a bit of help)

    The DHCP server is on say the range, on that server it also has scopes for other ranges but only want it to issue on the range and I want the others to be used in other buildings.

    I now need to add in a new scope, or arguments sake, as I need to set a different gateway, DNS etc how do the machines on the range not get these settings.

    Hope this makes sense, any queries let me know, need to try and get something working!

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    It depends on the DHCP requestor address, your current system will have a DHCP helper address implemented on the switch/router configuration which handles the routing of traffic between VLANs that would otherwise be isolated. This means that when the client pc requests an address the switch passes on the request along with the ip address of the router interface that is fowarding the request. This address is used by the DHCP server to decide which address pool to allocate the address from. It then passes this information back to the appropriate router interface to be broadcast back to the client.

    You will need to look into the router/switch configuration to setup the new VLAN and router interface for your new network segment. All a VLAN does is seporate the low level traffic as if it was on a seporate switch, the router is the only way they can communicate over VLAN boundries.

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