Hello All,

Has anyone been able to use any third party VPN apps to connect to their school via BGfL on an x64 version of Windows?

I know CISCO do have their own native client, but it is for the latest protocol (not IPSec) - and I can't see BGfL upgrading!

The closest I've come to connecting natively is via this guide - Finally an x64 Cisco VPN client - as it will import a .pcf. However it hangs on connecting for an age, and then disconnects with Enter IPSec secret for <school>@<vpn-address>.bgfl.org:

I find using it on a VM a real pain in the arse for drive sharing and not syncing to the same Outlook profile.

Usually I use TS, but it is painfully slow when you're doing something intricate (through a double RDP session to use your desktop!)