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Wireless Networks Thread, New Toy to Play with in Technical; They have given me a new toy to play with for a few weeks ... Boy I love my job.... ...
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    New Toy to Play with

    They have given me a new toy to play with for a few weeks...

    Boy I love my job....

    But at some point Im going to have to give it back and @ 1600 + VAT I'm going to have to find me a lot more networks to fix before I can add this to my own toolbag.

    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rV4q549n4yI"]YouTube- AirCheck Wi-Fi Tester from Fluke Networks[/ame]
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    Good Job Ruckus dont give me any problems then!! i dont think i have 1600 to spare lol!

    Do they give out Demo Units? haha!

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    Kismet is probably a better proposition if you have no money to burn.

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    Could do with one of those to try and work out what the hell is causing a problem in our D&T room.....The only wireless black spot in our school.

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