We have an ESX Virtual Machine host which is sitting on domain A which hosts a Windows Server 2003 virtual server on domain B.

There is one way trust between the domains B -> A.

The virtual server is experiencing some major authentication issues. It is a web based application (QLS V4Web) which uses QuickAddress through accessing a share on the same machine.

The users are on the same domain B.

Our users are experiencing intermittent and unpredictable network prompts requesting that they log in to the virtual server rather than the domain. This happens mostly when accessing via http:\\servername\qlsv4live but also happens when accessing via http:\\servername.B.local\qlsv4live.

The location of the QuickAddress share is set in the web.config and QuickAddress can only post information back to the web page if the user has accessed the web application with the same name as that which is set in the web.config.
So QuickAddress will work if server is accessed as http:\\servername.b.local if the QuickAddress share is defined as http:\\servername.staff.local\QAddress in the web.config, but not if one is servername.b.local and the other is servername.

This issue has only just arisen even though the server has been in this configuration for over a year since the original hardware on which the application was hosted died a horrible death.

We are gearing up to replace our current domain setup with a single domain (we have a total of 4 at the moment, all with varying and unknown degress of trust) so we are starting to find all sorts of issues with the network, mainly to do with switches/firewalls as well as some DNS routing issues, and servers seem to be dying at an astonishing rate!

Does anyone have any idea what could have changed to make this setup all of a sudden not work, or got any ideas on what the source of the problem could be and how we could track it down?