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Wireless Networks Thread, Dads Sky Sagem Router Problem in Technical; My dad finally got around to kickign BT into touch last week and has moved over to Sky broadband. The ...
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    Dads Sky Sagem Router Problem

    My dad finally got around to kickign BT into touch last week and has moved over to Sky broadband. The only problem we seem to have is that his laptop keeps dropping teh wireless connection. Whilst this could be an issue with his laptop (a Dell Latitude D600) my younger brothers PC (also on wireless) keeps droppign off too. There are no other wireless signals in the area, and I'm wonderign if there is an issue wit these routers. A quick look through Sky's support pages bring up a bevvy of unhappy bunnies using these, but I cannot find anyone with this particular problem. Anyone else had experience of these?

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    I had this problem when I first went over to Sky. Tried all the usual stuff checks/fixes and nothing.

    It turned out to be a faulty router.

    Sky sent me a new one very quickly. No probs. since then.


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    I'm not a fan of Sagem kit. I found the TalkTalk ones (Sagem too) to be unreliable.

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    Colleague had a very similar problem with that router, he whinged enough to Sky and they sent him a different router, which is working fine. As you've already seen, a lot of people have problems with the Sagem routers, and they are an 'avoid' in my book.

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    either try and update firmware on the sagem router ( assuming there are any firmware updates ) otherwise as above different router or a new router thats compatable obviously with the connection type ( adsl, adsl2+ or cable or whatever - obviously )

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