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Wireless Networks Thread, Proxy services in Technical; Hello all, Wasn't sure where to put this as i didn't want to stick it in the mac section as ...
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    Proxy services

    Hello all,

    Wasn't sure where to put this as i didn't want to stick it in the mac section as i thought more people would like to know, if they don't already.

    I have been trying to find a simple way to get a proxy service and content filter service up and running with minimum fuss. Since i know zero (or as close as) about Linux or programming side of UNIX, installing and securing a proxy server and content filtering would be a bit of a struggle.

    I found this site and installed on an intel laptop running latest version of tiger and it seemed fine. Edited some files to ban a few URLs and worked ok.

    Maybe some folks could look over it and see if there are any problems with it before i release it into a productive environment.

    Overall though i think it's pretty good in the fact that it was a straight forward installation. Thats the sort i like.

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    Re: Proxy services

    Theres also the likes of www.censornet.com and the instructions for adding DG to IPcop or smoothwall GPL are fairly straight forward. There is also the commercial smoothwall offering as well as the up and coming version 4 of Censornet.

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    Re: Proxy services

    If it works and does what you want and is stable/reliable and you are happy then great.

    Thanks for pointing out an alternative.


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