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Wireless Networks Thread, Sql Server & possible network issue in Technical; Hi all. We have in our organisation an application which has been running for years, and suddenly over the last ...
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    Angry Sql Server & possible network issue

    Hi all.

    We have in our organisation an application which has been running for years, and suddenly over the last month or so it's been steadily grinding to a halt.

    Simple queries (two in particular to be precise) which take seconds to run in QA, sometimes take hours from the application front-end.

    One is so simple.

    Select column a, b, c, d from table 1 order by column a desc.
    The second is just a plain ordinary select a, b, c, d from table 1.

    On each occassion it's the same table 1.

    As far as I am aware no upgrades or changes have been made to the DB or front-end application in the past year or so.

    I have so far reindexed the DB, checked with index tuning wizard (no issues found there), checked the server, that appears to be running ok, no additional stress there.

    We see some blocking against that particular DB, but mostly long running queries.

    The sql server back-end has other DB's on it, but non of the customers are complaining about those.

    Not sure what else i could try on this occassion.


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    Hi there

    You say that you get blocks occuring and that application performance is sometimes poor . . . .

    Have you checked to see if these coincide? If a query is locking resources then it wouldn't be a surprise that the app was hanging around waiting for data .

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