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Wireless Networks Thread, Problem with some users internet access?? in Technical; Hi everyone Were having some problems with some users internet access, one day their internet access is fine and working ...
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    Problem with some users internet access??

    Hi everyone

    Were having some problems with some users internet access, one day their internet access is fine and working and then a few days later it just stops working then a few days later it starts to work again.

    This is driving me mad as we cant seem to replicated the problem once the users internet access starts to work again. We use the sophos WS1000 web filters/proxy and microsoft ISA. both devices say that the users have access to the internet with no problems but when the users try to go online all they get is the page cannot be displayed.

    All users get the same proxy details applied from active directory so if there was a problem with the proxy details all users should stop working, does anybody have any ideas????

    Thanks in advance


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    When it doesn't work I would start with connectivity.
    Can you ping the gateway?
    Can you ping the local DNS server?
    Can you access any local shares?
    Can you ping the external DNS server?
    Can you ping Google

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    Is this just on laptops or desktops or both or what exactly ?

    If laptops are they using wireless ?

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    We have this problem on our Macs at the moment... it is very frustrating - they are pointing to the WS1000 but after a while they decide to not talk to the box or it's not authenticating properly. I am going to be assigning static IPs and making them allowed on the WS1000 - this might be easier than going through AD authentication on the WS1000? Oddly, this happens on both cable & wireless.

    We can't work out why it's stopping, we know the Macs on Snow Leopard have issues with AD but the details are entered manually in the network settings.

    Maybe the static IP/allowed IP route is a workaround for the moment?

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