Hi All im at the end of my tether here one of my schools decided to purchase 45 net books and a managed wireless system over the summer the issue im having is that everything is re directed on the server Start Menu Desktop ETC and they want to run RM Maths. The school in question is next to a major city university and a major city college one to the right and one direct in front which both have a major managed system in place. The users are saying the whole thing is running slow even with about 8 laptops on now I know some may say its the start menu and desktop but it works fine in other sites Im pretty sure its the content of RM maths. Anyone have any idea's it would be much appreciated as its been going on since the beginning of term and its driving me nuts the access points are in every class I have even tried manually assigning the channels so they are not interfering with the college and uni but same thing. Thanks Guys-Ste