im having some problems getting my router to properly port forward. With my D-link router, I have tried many different ports many different ways, and even got the most up to date firmware.

Basically in my port forwarding section I have ports 49215-49225 forwarded to my computers IP address (I have my DHCP set so my computer always gets the same IP address). I also have this set for TCP and UDP packets. Save and reboot my router.

I think pull open my torrent program which tests ports, and this gives me an error saying that it cannot connect through this port. Also I use a program called PFPortChecker and test all the ports from 49215-49225 which tells me they are all closed. This is driving me nuts, if anyone has any suggestions I would greatly appreciate it.

*EDIT* also want to add that I have turned off my built in windows fire wall to stop any complicationg with any software based firewalls