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Wireless Networks Thread, network design lots of help needed in Technical; Hi all, I am very new Atm I have 1 server 2003 that does everything i have 800 users I ...
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    network design lots of help needed

    Hi all,
    I am very new
    Atm I have 1 server 2003 that does everything
    i have 800 users

    I have set up an additional 2 servers with 2008

    Can anyone point me in the right direction
    In a previous forum it was suggested I have
    server1 data ad dhcp dns print wus
    server 2 replicate ad and dhcp
    server 3 ad

    How do i replicate ad

    Is there away that i could have a an exact copy of a server including all users data incase a server crashes or is stolen

    any info would be much appreciated

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    On the two new Server 2008 machines, install Active Directory (AD). During the install/config you can create a new AD or join an existing one. When you join it sets up the replication of AD.

    If you want to replicate the users data/profiles/shares you should start reading about Distributed File System and then start to configure it

    I sometimes setup a standard pc with Server 2003/2008 and setup AD just to have the data replicated, incase of emergencies (usually thats at single server sites).

    Hope this helps

    EDIT: How would your server get stolen? Locked room/cabinet should prevent this somewhat. Even if they got in, servers are rather heavy in my experience...
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    Quote Originally Posted by djgreek View Post
    Hi all,

    Is there away that i could have a an exact copy of a server including all users data incase a server crashes or is stolen

    any info would be much appreciated

    Hey there, would be best to have some sort of backup server or backup tapes. They are expensive but useful.

    I have used a NAS server to backup (not in a situation with 800 users though), transferring files via ftp. Takes some time but does the job, quicker over gigabit network.

    how much quota is the user-drive using? that could contribute to a decision.

    for AD,


    that *may* be useful. I haven't used it though

    I wouldn't recommend copying the O/S over from one machine's hdd to another, a fresh install would be better and regular backups of settings.

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    I am assuming this is already resolved now but just in case not, or if you have the chance to change things around.

    You didnt mention what storage you had available but I assume from what you said it is stored on direct storage in one of the servers.

    I would actually upgrade the 2003 box to 2008 if it will support it, education licensing is pretty cheap so I wouldnt worry about that too much.

    With 3 servers you cant really have 2 copies of AD and 2 copies of the user data without causing issues.

    If you have a tape backup system use that to make regular backups of the user data which would be stored on whichever server has the most storage available. I would have that server doing nothing but file and print sharing.

    With the other 2 servers running server 2008, using the server manager you can install the ADDS role on both servers then run dcpromo on one of them and create a new domain in a new forest. Set up all the users in AD and set their accounts to map their home folder to a share created on the file server.

    The dcpromo wizard will prompt you to install DNS, do this.

    When you are happy that server is up and running run dcpromo on the final server and add it to an existing domain in an existing forest. This will give you your AD "backup". The final server is where you should set up DHCP as well, and WINS if you need it.

    If you have more than a couple hundred machines on the domain, I would recomend you vlan the network off to reduce broadcast traffic, unless you are running IPV6.

    Thats pretty quick and nasty but it should do.
    If you want to post, or PM me the full spec of everything you have I would be happy to do a full network design for you. Would be good practice for my MCITP and CCNP.

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