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Wireless Networks Thread, Symantec Ghost 8.3 in Technical; Hi, I am using symantec ghost 8.3 and im having problems getting the USB key to boot up and start ...
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    Symantec Ghost 8.3

    Hi, I am using symantec ghost 8.3 and im having problems getting the USB key to boot up and start the imaging, I have gone through the wizard to create a bootable drive and says it is ready etc and i cannot get it to work at all the pc's support USB in bios and are set to first boot etc any ideas.. thanks steven

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    i found it really fussy and not worth the effort

    iirc though pen drives are best sub 1gb i found it easier to network boot them from the console, floppy,cd or boot from wds (look at www.vistape.net)

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    We normally just pxe boot from the lan and roll it out over the network for the images, alot easier you just need to make sure that the mobos support pxe booting.
    Pretty quick and not that many issues (until now! got new machines in and need to add the driver in ghost for the new boards but doesnt want to play ball)

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