OK folks, time for Geoff to ask for some advice; the question will no doubt seem naive to some but please bear with me and point me toward an answer. I’m working in a Primary School running a vanilla system connected to the South West Grid for internet access.

My problem is I have tried to wire in a network cable to a CAT 5E box and my attempt seems to have disable the Network – or else the Network is down further down the line.

On Thursday I was at work doing a bit of DIY to fix a wide bodied SMC switch into a rack-mountable space to get my Network up and running. Bingo – I did that; doesn’t look nice but until I get a replacement rack-mountable in to replace the antique it’s what I have to live with!

With that replacement switch in place I managed to establish the Network and had Windows update successfully running on my Workstations.

Moving on from that our School Office has been physically rebuilt and this of course left the Office (SIMS) PC a distance from its usual Network connection port. The electricians who were involved with the Office rebuild kindly set up a Cat 5E box plus cabling back to the Network Cabinet near the Server and left the ends unconnected. Now, rather than try to make new ends I thought I’d use the existing wiring, Historically the office has enjoyed a twin line connection ports 42 and 43 the former serving the Office PC the other (43) serving an ancient Intel Router that it turns out acts as a switch to five workstations at the far end of the school that lost connectivity a while back!

So, I diverted the cabling for 43 to the new box and armed with a small screwdriver tried to press home the cable ends. No joy but I left the box connected back to the Network.

Using a long Cat 5E cable I have now connected the Office PC to the Intel router and that in turn via port 42 to the Network – the Office PC and the other Workstations at that end of the school are now live.

However, today I now find that my whole Network is WWW enabled. Now either that’s a problem further down the SW Gird line or else, as I suspect it’s a problem with the port 43 I tried to wire.

Any constructive pearls of wisdom available on this please?

Geoff – Wansdyke School Devizes.