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Wireless Networks Thread, Strange Network Problem in Technical; Hi, At one of my small sites we are seeing a bizzare problem which at random intervals during the day ...
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    Strange Network Problem


    At one of my small sites we are seeing a bizzare problem which at random intervals during the day (and sometimes not at all) all the computers will simultaneously hang (you can't even open run!) and the only resolution is to reboot the server. I have no idea what is causing this, I have disabled shadow copies, enabled LACP, etc. To give you an idea of the network, we have 32 HP USDT computers running off a moderately spec-ed dell server (although with SATA disks) running a fully patched copy of Windows Server 2008. We have managed gigabit HP ProCurve switches and all the users have mandatory profiles with some folders (start menu, application data) redirected to their Home Directory (although before we still had this problem with roaming profiles). This has been going on for a while now and I am completely out of ideas!!

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    I've got a room full of Vista machines that do that after two hour's use - the rest of the network is fine and so are the PCs after a reboot

    I've tried drivers, Updates, Antivirus, witchcraft

    they're getting blattered with XP or 7 this summer

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    Make sure you've got Spanning Tree Protocol enabled on your switches, could be caused by a loopback.

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