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Wireless Networks Thread, Managed 802.11n - anyone using this yet? in Technical; Hi eean, If you had 10 AP's in close proximity you could have 3 of them on 2.4 and the ...
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    Hi eean,

    If you had 10 AP's in close proximity you could have 3 of them on 2.4 and the remaining on 5ghz. It would load balance the clients as to how busy they are / how many clients happen to be on one AP at any one point. If a client is wanting to stream video or make a VOIP call on an AP that has 25 other busy clients then the client wanting to VOIP would roam to a less busy AP.
    If all AP's happen to be the in the same situation then the Smart QoS will be more than enough to handle the client’s needs. Remember most wireless systems will only have 8 Qos queues per wireless network where as the Ruckus APs have 4 Qos queues per IP device.

    If it was forced into a situation where there was channel interference (say 5 2.4ghz APs in range), would it use it's directional antenna system to make it so the signals don't interfere.
    Yes it would chose the best pattern out from one of its 4095 possible patterns to avoid interference from anything else and provide the client with a reliable connection at all times.

    is it possible to get thes ruckus APs to use 5ghz wireless N only, ie don't use 2.4 at all when using N clients that have 5ghz wifi cards ?.
    Yes you can specify what AP's or SSID's are broadcast in the 5GHz spectrum only


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