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Wireless Networks Thread, Electronic Registration in Technical; almost all Leeds schools are 2 networks going to a sisko router though traffic can be passed across (as long ...
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    almost all Leeds schools are 2 networks going to a sisko router though traffic can be passed across (as long as the curric pcs are in the top 32 ips (where all my printers/nas boxes/switches etc live grrrr). Certain bits of software they run (groupcall exporter for 1) will only run from certain ips (admin). In schools im supporting im tempted to just shove 2 nics in the server with sims etc on so it can have an admin ip and a curric one and the same with any workstation that needs it as sockets are cheap as are nics. Looking at the approved documentation for single network though they want you to use ipsec etc for admin workstations if you do it seems a bit ott to me as long as you strap down permissions and people arnt daft with passwords

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    Quote Originally Posted by Maximus View Post
    The admin network doesn't have a server, it's just two machines on a different ip range.

    Chuck them all on the curric network. They probably wouldn't notice the change.


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    i imagine it will be the SIM's one, especially if its free

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    Quote Originally Posted by localzuk View Post
    LA's cannot tell a school what to do with their network
    Yes, they can - particulary if that LA is your ISP. If the school doesn't conform then they can (quite rightly) disconnect you. If one school had an issue that was causing problems with other schools, you'd want that school disconnecting, right? Thankfully this is rare as LEA networks are more resilient nowadays, but there are a few authorities who still use archaic methods to seperate off schools (flat vlans anyone?)

    I also see people on here discussing whacking in a L3 switch to route between vlans or multi-homing. If you're going to do that then do yourself a favour get rid of your vlans and flatten out your network.

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