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Wireless Networks Thread, 3coms stature in network equipment in Technical; Originally Posted by john Very interesting that this topic has come up as were discussing switch makes and usage on ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by john View Post
    Very interesting that this topic has come up as were discussing switch makes and usage on the evening of the conference and the consensus was not good to 3COM (and i got sitck for being Netgear ) but i do think they did themselves no favours when they messed around the enterprise market a while ago.
    I forgot about this lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by FN-GM View Post
    I forgot about this lol
    would that have been due to alcohol intake at all

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    Quote Originally Posted by john View Post
    Must admit a lot of people do seem to not realise that Netgear stuff has got the lifetime warranty on it now, and has a lot of the top level features that it was lacking. The key to Netgear is Blue = Pro stuff white = SOHO. You want to be buying Blue stuff which is the Pro stuff Also there was more than just HP and Cisco, we seemed to have some D-Link fans
    Indeed, - I reckon that for small to medium-size schools, the Netgear ProSafe kit is very competitive - once you start getting into the intricacies of multi-cast routing and other more complex setups though, spending more on the HP or Cisco kit does begin to make sense.

    I just wish they'd bring out an 'N' version of their wireless controller (and yes, I know it's actually Aruba kit rebranded).


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    We also have 3com 4400's and 5500-EI switches and we are very happy with them. Good performance and excellent quality/pricing ratio... If we had tons of $$ we would certainly buy cisco.


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