Hi Guys,

I am having a hard time wrapping my head around the 3com OS thats installed in the 4500G.

Since the only experience i have had with networking CLI has been the 3com OS in the superstack 3 series i am pretty lost.

What i am trying to achieve is to VLAN my WLAN, which each AP (ruckus) that i am using will very nicely attach a VID to each relaitve WLAN. Ultimatley i am trying to achieve is to get different ip structures for each WLAN and better acl granularty.

Now - all of my AP's (5) plug directly into this same 4500G. This switch has an uplink to a 'purple' interface on our secondary firewall to access internal and external resources.

What i would imagine in my previous experience with the 3com OS would be to create vlan 10 (staff) and vlan 20 (Student) in addition to default vlan 1. Tag ports 1-5 with vlan 1,10 and 20 due to multiple vlans traffic going through each port (via each wlan .. via each AP).

Now where i am getting a tad flumexed, is it seems on this new os i cannot do this? Or i cannot do this in a way where i think it is correct. In addition there is now an hybrid link type to muddy the waters.

I attempted to make each port a trunk as i though correct but in doing this it removed itself from vlan membership. In addition to normal vlan practive where i canot make these ports part of more then 1 vlan unless they are infact .. trunked.

Im a bit lost and it is fri afternoon here in Oz. Can anyone shed some light here with the commands or the tagging/untagging/hybriding in general.

Thanks in advance gang