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Wireless Networks Thread, Sorry This Was College Work Was Needing Print Screens in Technical; Sorry for the posts was needing print screens for college work....
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    Sorry This Was College Work Was Needing Print Screens

    Sorry for the posts was needing print screens for college work.
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    I had that on a couple of laptops recently (suspiciously from twin sisters) and when I checked the discs they had somehow managed to wipe/format them.

    Can you use UBCD or a Linux disc to see what's on the disc?

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    Have you been reading "How to report problems like a teacher"?

    Which operating system? If it's XP, hold down F8 and see if you can get Safe Mode or use the disable automatic restart option to read whatever BSOD is flashing past. If possible, remove the HD first and use a caddy to backup any existing data before trying to do system repairs etc.

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