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Wireless Networks Thread, Scope options in Technical; Our server has just rebooted and some of the scope options have disappeared. What scope options do people have in ...
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    Scope options

    Our server has just rebooted and some of the scope options have disappeared. What scope options do people have in their options (just out of curiosity) and any reason for them to disappear?

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    003 Router IP
    006 DNS Servers IP
    252 Wpad
    015 Domain Name
    060 PXE Client

    But depends on your network really

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    I can't think of any reason for them to disappear really. Do the event logs show anything worrying?

    The only options I have set up are:
    003 Router
    006 DNS Server
    015 DNS Domain Name
    060 ClassID (PXE) - I dare say you probably won't need this - we use a network boot agent for various things

    EDIT - I just noticed (from checking my server) that TIME SERVER is missing! I always set that up too - not sure on the number though

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    003 Router
    004 Time Server
    006 DNS Servers
    015 DNS Domain Name
    066 Boot Server Host Name
    067 Bootfile Name


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