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Wireless Networks Thread, Central VLAN Configuration in Technical; Hi, Can anybody tell me how I could go about configuring VLANs for a HP Procurve network but in a ...
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    Central VLAN Configuration


    Can anybody tell me how I could go about configuring VLANs for a HP Procurve network but in a centralized way?

    After doing a bit of research I have found that on Cisco devices I can use Cisco's proprietary protocol called "VLAN Trunking Protocol". This is effectively a central database where I can configure all my VLANS which all the devices on the network refer to.

    I was hoping that there was a similar feature on Procurve kit; I'd rather not go round each switch/router and configure my VLANS individually .

    Lastly, for anybody else out there: I found the following resource very helpful when configuring this on Cisco kit: InformIT: VLANs and Trunking > VLAN Trunking Protocol

    If anybody has any ideas I would most appreciate it,

    Many thanks,


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    HP Procurve Manager Plus (see ProCurve Manager Plus 2.3 Software overview - HP Small & Medium Business products ) can be used to do this easily but it isn't cheap!

    Most Procurves also have 'GARP VLAN Registration Protocol' which I believe is another way to assign VLANs.

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