We’ve a Server 2003 / XP network, including ISA 2004. Recently, like many we’ve started to introduce wireless UMPCs to the classrooms, running XP Home. The policies on ISA are set such that user authentication is required when accessing the internet; something I wish to retain. In the main, everything works well, however users are prompted for their credentials every time they switch between web based resources. i.e. Internet / intranet / moodle. This behaviour is described perfectly in Internet Explorer May Prompt You for a Password and I understand reasons why.

I don’t want to have to put the UMPCs on the domain for a number of reasons, but would like to minimise the prompts for authentication.

I’ve read that ISA 2006 provides; Authentication in ISA Server 2006 but would it in our arrangement?

I’ve also read around the subject of RADIUS and suspect that installing the CA cert on the non domain clients would allow IE to automatically pass the credentials on to IAS?

Before I read on, and invest time in understanding this technology can anyone out there confirm or dismiss the option? Has anyone found a more suitable solution to this problem? I await in anticipation.

Thanks in advance,