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Wireless Networks Thread, Publishing Servers (DNS) in Technical; Morning, Just curious how people have set up having multiple web servers inside their firewall. I use Schoolguardian and Zen ...
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    Publishing Servers (DNS)


    Just curious how people have set up having multiple web servers inside their firewall.

    I use Schoolguardian and Zen as my hosting so I can do all my DNS settings online, I have 8 addresses assigned to me with 5 available to use.

    Currently I have OWA assigned to the router and port forwarding to my exchange server but I want another web server set up, prefrable with HTTPS like the OWA server.

    I was going to set up the school guardian to forward the external IP addresses to the corresponding internal ones (currently its set up for all external on 443 to point to my OWA server) but wasn't sure if its the right way to do it.

    Can anyone offer advice as I have been running cables all week so my IT brain is in 1st gear

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    We host our own webservers. I would not host them on the same network but on a DMZ. This way if they get hacked the rest of the network wont suffer.

    What firewall and router do you use?
    How do you get your internet connection?
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    For HTTP/HTTPS you could configure a reverse proxy (Apache or similar) to handle multiple host addresses via a single IP, this also gives you additional security as the proxy is the server exposed to the net.

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