Dear All,

I want to authenticate all my users/computers using their Mac-Address. We are using 3Com switches in our network.

I tried to use the local radius server built within the 3Com 8810 Core Switch. But i couldnt get things working at all. I have no clue about it. I am using 3.01 software version. The previous versions had mac-authentication commands but the newer OS doesnt. Here is a bit of my workings on the subject:

*I created a domain
*I created a local radius scheme and registered it with the domain
*I then enabled 802.1x globally and set its port-method to macbased
*Then i enabled 802.1x on the interface and also set the port-method to macbased
*I created a local user with the MAC-Address as the username and password

I read the parameteres, it had something to do with EAP and EAPOL messages. But the local radius server i.e. 3Com 8810 Core Switch was only transmiting a couple of EAPOL messages and then there was a long silence and the device (my laptop connected to the port i enabled macbased authentication on) was unable to connect to the network.

I am in a mess here people. Any help will be grateful. Do i need someother components? Do i even need 802.1x enabled on the interface and globaly? Do i have to configure a seperate radius server on the network and register my switch with it?

thanks in advance.